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 Whois Checker tool!

Whois Checker gives you access to a database of all domain names registered worldwide. It searches public registration data relating to Internet domains. This data is stored on WHOIS servers all over the globe.

Every domain that we come across first goes through the registration process and thus has registration details. These details are important in many cases like a business, security, etc. How to Check Website Registration Information? This registration data of any domain is known as whois. Let's have a clear understanding of what whois is all about.

What is Whois?

Whois is a facility that provides basic information of a registered domain, such as domain owner information, registrar information, creation, expiry dates, etc. This information is acquired from a standardized source which can be called as a Whois database.

This is the type of website whois information that the user will get using Whois Lookup.


  • Domain Name.
  • Registrar Name.
  • Registrar Contact Info (Email, Phone no).
  • Registry Domain ID.
  • Registrant Organization.
  • Registrant Address (Street, City, State).
  • Web Status.
  • IP information.
  • Registrar Registration Creation & Expiration dates.
  • Name Server.
  • MX Information, and many more.


Why do we need Whois data?


  • Maintaining domain name uniqueness:
    One of the most important tasks is to keep the domain names unique. Two domains which have similar names can hamper their performance to a great extent.
  • Privacy and security issue:
    The website whois information is used to provide registration details of a domain. In this case, the whois data of the domain due to which any security issue occurs is found out.
  • Administrative issues:
    In case of an administrative issue related to a domain, the person concerned to solve it can be easily contacted as the whois domain name lookup contains the administrative contact.


User Query

How to check website registration information? I want domain name lookup for my business. Could you suggest me any solution where I can get maximum information?

How to check website registration information?

There are many online solutions available in the market providing solutions to find domain registration details. But performing Whois domain name lookup with all possible information for any domain can be quite a hassle. As the user will have to visit many sites and collect complete information.